Waverley, Ho!

Join us on the final leg of our journey…

May 14th, 2017

….and that’s a wrap!  Waverley is done.  We’re tired.  We’re chuffed.  Mixing now.  Mastering next week.  Stay tuned…

April 26th, 2017

Here comes the home stretch!  Dandelion: all parts ready to roll!  Iodine:  vocals sorted! Spirtits in the Dwelling:   vocals and guitar cleared for takeoff!  Some City Center Phone Call:  sis, boom, bah!!!  The final Waverley session is fast-approaching and we’re ready to crash through the finish line.  The mastering session at Gateway will soon follow then we’re off to Crooked Cove for duplication.  The videos are 95% done and Chad’s tickets to Dublin to conference with Pete Murphy are waiting to be printed.  It’s all fingers crossed at the moment.  Wish us luck!

April 12th, 2017

Our gig at Champions was an absolute blast and we hope that our gig on Record Store Day @BullMoose MillCreek will match the turnout.  Team Low is working hard in the final stretch:  Dandelion and Spirits in the Dwelling are both on deck, while Some City Center Phone Call is still waiting in the bull pen.  We’re starting to meet with our local contacts, we’re putting the finishing touches on the videos, and Chad is making plans to start promoting in the UK and Ireland.  All we need to do now is secure a venue for our CD release, which is no easy task in Portland, ME.  Where would like to see us play?  Let us know.

March 17th, 2017

Just when we thought we were nearing the finish line, miscalculation flashed a light in ours eyes.  We’re full steam ahead, of course, but we have a lot to accomplish in two days.  While Derek is finalizing the lyric videos, Team Low is focusing on the finishing touches of four songs and the foundation of one we have yet to track.  Though that song, Dandelion, is coming together quite quickly, our schedule in the studio in May doesn’t really leave room for lunch. But the songs are still incubating and by Easter, we hope to hear them chirp and have our ducks in a row by June. What will start Waverley?  What’s the closer?  Time will tell.

March 14th, 2017

This week’s rehearsal found us ironing out harmonies for Iodine and cobbling together Dandelion. With all of Chad’s 7th and diminished chords staring Tina, Mac, and Sam down, the former was quite tricky.  On the other hand, Dandelion, written to fit Chris’ vocal approach, sprouted up quite nicely. This song has all the makings of an album closer and since it’s a sister-song to Centipede, we think they will bookend Waverley perfectly.  Spirts in the Dwelling is on deck for fine-tuning next week as well as the set for April 8th @Champions.  Finish line!

March 7th, 2017

Waverley, Ho! is a year old!  We’re tired, excited, focused, and confused.  The tracks are sounding great and Waverley is becoming more realized as we head toward our last recording session at Halo in May.  We decided to drop New Test Decider in favor of a song we feel better suits Waverley’s arc.  It’s a sister song to Centipede that we’ve mentioned on this blog before called DandelionNew Test Decider will eventually see the light of day on our next record, but for now we’re more interested in making this record a strong and cohesive finish to the trilogy.  Rehearsal will find us laying the groundwork for Dandelion as well has sharpening up the set for another gig on April 8th.  Stay tuned!

February 25th, 2017

After a weekend of playing two fun shows, Team Low is exhausted…. And there is still so much work to be done. May 13-17 will find us back at Halo putting the finishing touches on Waverley.  The last two days are reserved for mixing then we’re off to master.  Hooray!  We’ll believe it when we hear it.  “What’s left to, what’s left to, what’s left to see?”  Iodine, Spirits in the Dwelling, Centipede, and The World Hears Gold need a few bits and bobs, while New Test Decider needs, well, everything. As soon as Derek, our video engineer, returns to Maine, we also hope to complete a trilogy of lyric videos and a release date teaser.  It feels like we’ve done so much and yet there is so much left to do.  That’s music in 2017, we suppose.

February 18th, 2017

Studiohead:  over-caffeinated head congestion caused by 8-10 hours of headphone repetition.

Our last winter session went well, but we’re damn tired.  Tonight She Sings for You, Jazz Held the Traffic Back, and My European Flat are in the can, while The World Hears Gold, and Centipede just need Tina’s keys. Note: Chad thinks Gold sounds amazing while Sam and Jon couldn’t be happier about the way Sam’s rhythm guitar tied Centipede together. We plan to tackle the remaining tunes and mix in May against a tundra-less finish line, hopefully.  Whew.  Almost there.  Now we must focus on gigs and we’re happy that we have a few lined up.  We must revisit our promotion strategies and that means there are meetings with Derek in the books as well as a phone call to Pete in Dublin.   There has been an idea floating around the rehearsal space lately: an artsy film documentary based on the current videos.  Hmmm…

February 1st, 2017

During this week last year, Chad sat down to write a new song about the Fringe festival in Edinburgh and told the band about a cool new pair of songs he wrote called Jazz Held the Traffic back and The world Hears Gold.  He debuted the lyrics and changes in March.  Here they are a year later.  The set sounds great and Team Low is looking forward to their gig at Elements on 2/25.  Before that however they must first prepare for their last winter recording session at Halo on 2/18.  This one should really be a challenge.  Mike, Chris, and Chad have completed their parts for this batch of songs.  Since harmonies are needed on all the tracks (as well as a few rhythm guitar parts) this session should find Tina, Sam, Mac and Jon Wyman quite exhausted by the end of the day. Then it’s the home stretch: New Test Decider and Dandelion are waiting in the wings.

January 25th, 2017

Tonight’s rehearsal was an absolute blast.  Whew!  It seems Team Low was feeling as if the city plow was about to snowbank their freshly shoveled driveway.  Chris’ feng shui dreams came to fruition at Chez Murphy as he successfully move amps around the room to better the live mix.  Viola!  This was a fresh start to the new year as the band played old songs with new ears and messed around with studio ideas.   February should find them preparing harmonies for Halo and final guitar parts ala Sam.  Chad is currently consulting with Derek Brigham about a new video and prepping promotional materials.  The ground and roads are covered with snow in Maine, but AOL seems ready to put things in a new gear.

January 18th, 2017

Back to the set list.  Half of Waverley is finished and it’s time we focus on playing some gigs. The set list is quite extensive now and we’re having some difficulty (and some fun) choosing what songs we’ll perform live.  The Artist in the Wrong World (from Euston) got a touch up and a key change and My European Flat and Tonight She Sings for You were added to the line up.  We’re back to Halo on February 18th with hopes of getting three more songs ready to mix.  With five songs worth of vocals to finish, it’s likely this session will give Tina, Sam, and Mac quite a workout. The videos to The World Hears Gold and Jazz Held the Traffic Back are now complete and Chad has been in talks with Derek Brigham about creating a third. Progress at the next winter session will help forecast long-term Waverley plans and when we might release the first single, whatever that is.  The doldrums of winter are upon us and we still have a long road ahead.

January 4th, 2017

Report from Halo, Day 2:  Today was Chris’ day to lay down some rhythm and lead guitar tracks without the rest of us milling about.  Lucky bastard.  It was exciting to hear his guitar solo on Jazz Held the Traffic Back through Halo’s leslie and to hear that song come to its fruition. Done and done.  But Chris was far from done.  Iodine, My European Flat, and Tonight She Sings for You still needed his attention and these were miraculously completed before lunch.  However, there was still the matter of Spirits in the Dwelling, a song that had been lying dormant on Halo’s hard drive since July.  Chad and Chris discussed how they might approach it over a few Bissell Bros., and it was decided that acoustic guitars should drive the song.  And drive they did.  Ouch. All those years of Chris’ years being a Harbormaster finally paid off. Day 2 ended with Mac’s first vocal addition to Centipede and the resurrection of Some City Center Phone Call.  Exhausted.

January 3th, 2017

Report from Halo, Day 1:  Man, we got a lot of work done.  Our first day in the studio found Chad, Sam, Mike, and Mac cruising through My European Flat and nailing it on the third take. With their confidence up and perhaps a lack of caffeine keeping them slightly behind the beat, Tonight She Sings for You was committed to tape soon after Tina arrived with similar success. Tina and Mac then added background harmonies to Jazz Held the Traffic Back and Sam joined them for lead vocals on The World Hears Gold soon after.  In an attempt to run out the clock, they added percussion, hand claps, bells, and a last-minute mellotron.  Whew.  The day ended with a few brews, a toast, and talks about Day 2.

December 29th, 2016

Last night we threw together My European Flat.  It’s a fun song to play and quite catchy, so it’s strange why we waited so long to tackle it.  Chad suggested that perhaps we subconsciously wanted to get the more difficult songs out of the way, but that can’t be true because New Test Decider is still waiting in the wings. Once the basic tracks to that and Dandelion are committed to tape, we can then start thinking about this record’s endgame: vocals, guitar solos, horn sections, etc.  Until then, it’s back to the garage and the winter landscape that served as a backdrop to early Waverley conversations.  For those who have traveled to Edinburgh via Manchester, we’re somewhere near Carlisle.

December 23rd, 2016

Happy Holidays!!!!  Despite what Mother Nature did to our holiday show, we’re all still in good spirits as we anticipate our Halo session.  Jazz Held the Traffic Back and The World Hears Gold are ready for lead vocals and harmonies, Spirits in the Dwelling, tired of waiting in the wings, will take center-stage, and Tonight She Sings for You will make its studio debut. Next week we hope to rehearse My European Flat and the uke foundation for Some City Center Phone Call and by successfully doing so, we should be quite prepared for this first winter session.  If all goes to plan, Waverley will look something like this in 2017: The World Hears Gold, Jazz Held the Traffic Back, Iodine, My European Flat, Tonight She Sings for You, Spirits in the Dwelling, Centipede, Some City Center Phone Call.  There are still two songs left to commit to tape:  New Test Decider and Dandelion.  With the holidays on top of us and a studio session to prepare, we’re also looking forward to a bit of a break, but not for long…  The pipes are calling! Dublin, here we come! Lots of big news in 2017.

December 15th, 2016

I think the holiday season is the best time to write harmonies.  Musicians can’t help but sing along to the season and much to the dismay of their significant others, song enthusiasts tend to move the melody around and around and around.  The World Hears Gold had a vocal overhaul tonight and we’re excited to let the world hear what we’ve done to it. Tina is now in the lead seat, Mac is an octave up, and Sam is adding the color. It sounds great.  With Christmas right around the corner, we’re wondering if we’ll still have time to construct the rhythm section to My European Flat before we head to Halo on Jan 2nd. Fingers crossed.  Gig at The Thirsty Pig this weekend!

December 1st, 2016

It seems like Chad introduced Jazz Held the Traffic Back just a few months ago.  Has it been nine?  No way.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Maine and in just a few months, the groundwork for Waverely, which will be used to build upon later, will be complete.  We labored over Euston and recorded Piccadilly on the fly, and though there are benefits to recording albums both ways, Waverley finds us utilizing the best of both methods:  recording the basics as soon as we learn them and then allowing space for some creative layering.  Another advantage: the time it takes to record this way will find us finally releasing a record in the summer, something that can only help with CD release shows and promotion. Speaking of promotion, the video for The World Hears Gold is 90% complete!

November 23rd, 2016

Playing Albert’s Square in the rehearsal room was a fun surprise.  Though it’s essentially a Christmas song, we’re sure it will be a permanent addition to our live set.  Tonight She Sings for You is ready for our winter Halo session, and December will find us rehearsing lead vocals and harmonies for it.  We’re also chuffed to hear that a live set we recorded at The Thirsty Pig in April will make an appearance on UK radio.  How cool is that?  December will find us busy as usual, but in the meantime we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

November 16th, 2016

Now that we’re seven songs in, we’ve been pondering how we might promote Waverley. Though Chad has been nudging his old contacts, we all agree that we need to take things up a notch.  But how?  Yes, there’s a video on the way, but it’s unlikely it (and first single) will have any legs unless we challenge ourselves to put as much creativity into promotion. Our publicist, Pete Murphy, is waiting in the wings in Dublin, David Gray is ready to spin us in Manchester, and there are a few media outlets stateside that are waiting to hear a new single (whatever that will be), but what will make Waverley stand out?  Too much to think about.  I think the holidays and some time off from work will bring some clarity.

November 9th, 2016

Still sounding like a Waits knock off, Tonight She Sings for You is still in the workshop going through some slight adjustments. Sam and Mac added some pretty background vocals last night that seemed to balance the grittiness of Chris’ muted blues and Mike’s malleted toms. This one will no doubt be ready for our next studio date at Halo after the holidays… Speaking of holidays, we’re also preparing a set for a holiday show at The Thirsty Pig on Dec 17th.  We’ve got a few standards ready and a Christmas cut from Piccadilly called Albert’s Square that we’re chuffed to dust off.  Then what?   We’ve got to ready one more song for the studio and right now, it’s a toss up between New Test Decider and My European Flat.  The former was a bit trickier than we anticipated, so with limited time and with the holidays on our doorstep, the latter is looking more manageable.

October 25th, 2016

Remove the snare from the snare drum, palm-mute whole notes on the bass, crunch up that blues guitar and, voila!  Tonight She Sings for You went from slow jazz to Tom Waits in a matter of minutes and we’re happy we helped it find direction.  We have studio dates booked for January and that looks like it will plenty of time to learn the final three songs that require drums:  Tonight She Sings for You, New Test Decider, and My European Flat.  Chad played an old demo of New Test Decider and the enthusiasm in the room was encouraging…  Mike thought it sounded like Kiss, Tina thought it sounded like Bowie.  Cool.  Will Waverley be done for spring? It’s looking that way.

October 4th, 2016

The response to our set on Monday was quite positive.  What excited us most was the feedback from fans who identified our new songs as highlights of our set: Centpede, Jazz Held the Traffic Back, and The World Hears Gold.  Pugwash always inspires us to be better musicians and last night’s show was no different.  As the headline act hit the final notes of their wonderful song Here, Tina pointed to Pugwash’s lead singer/songwriter Thomas and said, “Write us one like that”. Challenge accepted, Tina.  The next song on deck is Tonight She Sings for You, a tune co-wriiten with Sam and who knows, maybe it will be Pug-like in it’s fruition.  In the meantime, Chris is slated to swing by Chez-Walls to learn a song wrote especially for him, a new tune called Dandelion.  Whew, it’s been an exhausting few weeks.

September 26th, 2016

It was another productive day at Halo. We completed the basic tracks for Iodine, vocals/keys/rhythmguitar for Jazz Held the Traffic Back, and rhythm guitar for The World Hears Gold.  We’re excited to move on to new material, but not before we play Empire with Pugwash on 10/3. So it’s back to the setlist for now.  It’s likely that we’ll take a week off to prepare New Test Decider and Tonight She Sings for You for the drawing board. The next studio dates are not until January; that’s plenty of time to push the remaining songs to meet (or beat) the songs that lie dormant in Wyman’s computer.  We have sent Chad’s clips from his UK journey to our friend Rob from Builder of the House who plans to start framing our first video. Stay tuned.

September 14th, 2016

Lots of things are changing at Camp Low….  Our weekly Wednesday rehearsal found us on the cusp of sweater weather and the rehearsal space looked they way it did when we first arrived:  Mike’s Christmas lights and autumn colored workshop-made-stage lamps no longer had to compete with August’s 7 o’clock sunset. Perhaps it was this new vibe that helped Iodine come together so quickly, or maybe we’re just becoming a better band.  Either way, it’s a relief and, to be honest, quite exciting.  We hit the studio in a few weeks to record more basic tracks and Iodine is on the list.  It’s a bar stomp that will feature Tina’s piano, lovely harmonies and lyrics that discuss the possibility that more creative people live near the ocean. Though this mid-tempo number is a lot of fun to play, it inspires us to explore the remaining rock numbers slated for Waverley:  My European Flat and New Test Decider.  Can’t wait.

September 4th, 2016

Yehaww!  Our Thirsty Pig gig was an absolute blast and our set was well-received by the day-drinkers who attended. A representative from Pugwash, an amazing Irish band that also works with Pete Murphy, was on-hand to deliver us the exciting news that we will be opening for them on October 3rd at Empire.It’s Labor Day weekend now and we’re taking a well-deserved break before we start rehearsing more songs for the studio on Wednesday. Iodine is on deck and we look forward to bringing this piano bar-stomp to Wyman on September 25th.  Back to the drawing board!

August 25th, 2016

Tonight we returned to the setlist and were suprised to find that we didn’t miss a beat. Despite a few bumps, Chris noted that our rehearsal would have earned us a solid “B” if we were playing a show.  Next week is our last rehearsal before our Labor Day show, so we’ll keep at it in hopes of making the honor roll.  We’re also excited to begin rehearsing Iodine for our next recording gig at Halo on September 25th. Once the basic tracks are completed, we’ll finish the day with some Sam overdubs and maybe a lead vocal or two.  In other news, we’re chuffed to announce that we will be working with Pete Murphy in Dublin. Pete has a solid reputation working with bands way out of our league, so we’re grateful he’s taken a liking to our music. More exciting news to come…

August 17th, 2016

Chad’s Back!  While Tina and Mike continue to rennovate the rehearsal space, Chad, Chris, Sam, and Mac met at Studio B (Chad’s house) to work on new material and talk about the fun they had on David Gray’s radio show back in England (and the lingering August heat that Chad had the convenience of missing, almost).  Tonight they worked on Iodine, a song to which Chad recently applied chords and Some City Center Phone Call, a song Mac and Chad demoed this winter.  Iodine, with it’s scattering of diminished and seventh chords, reminded us of A Picture of Paris and we all agreed that it would record itself so long as we kept time.  Some City Center Phone Call also felt similar… Hmmm, should we go back in the studio?  That sounds like a good idea.

August 4th, 2016

Chad here:  I’m on the train from Piccadilly to Liverpool having just appeared on Salford City Radio with David Gray.  What fun! We discussed songwriting, played songs from Piccadilly, called my bandmates at home, and had, as usual, a corker of a time. During this appearance, however, I was made an honorary Sally-Manc by David and his co-host Tillie Jaye Quincy while live on the air, and I proudly accepted. This experience inspired me to refine words I wrote while in Dublin at The Long Hall, and I like they way they’re coming together.  Dandelion looks it could grow into a song someday, so long as I keep humming the melody to The Alligator King to keep it alive.

July 25th, 2016

Chad here:  Today I sailed to Dublin from Holyhead to meet Pete Murphy, a music publicist who came highly recommended by several Irish and UK bands.  We met at The Long Hall and discussed the possibility of working together over three or four pints Guinness and a three or four side conversations about pop music.  Pete’s a genuine guy and working with him seems like a real possibility.  I’m off to do touristy things and check out some dream-gig clubs.  Whelan’s, here I come.

July 21st, 2016

The studio can be a humbling experience, and our first Waverley session at Halo was no exception. Though it’s hard to tell from the rough mix, Jazz Held the Traffic Back needed to be reconstructed in order to nail down.  It’s a song that intentionally falls off the tracks at the end, so leading to that with a click without sucking the life out of it proved to be difficult.  When Wyman suggested that we fly blind and abandon the click, we managed to locate its cadence quite easily.  On the other hand, we committed The World Hears Gold and Centipede to tape both by the second take.  Go figure. So what happens now?  Looks like we’re back to Halo in November.  In the meantime, there are shows to rehearse and three new songs to learn.

July 13th, 2016

Tonight was our last rehearsal before our first studio session with Wyman at Halo and before Chad leaves for the UK and Ireland.  The songs are more than ready to roll and we’re quite pleased about how they are shaping up.  Waverley will certainly be a rock record, but then again, we’ve said that before.  From the center of the Murphy Sound, The World Hears Gold and Centipede sound like three-minute Costello rockers, while Jazz Held the Traffic Back is a psychedelic mid-tempo number that might reach the six-minute mark, a rarity in the Low canon.  Reports from the studio and from across the pond coming soon!

June 29th, 2016

Spirits in the Dwelling has gone through several transformations (folk rock, psychedelic, 60’s Garage, etc.) since we tried to make sense of it pre-Mike & Tina. The drums are leading the parade on this one now and this has inspired drum line rumblings.  We’re up for that, even if Wyman looks at us over his glasses.  Chad is on his way to Ireland to meet with publicist and the UK to do some radio promotion soon. In his absence, the rest of Team-Low will be left unsupervised with a short list of tasks: continue working on new material, go over the set, get gigs.  Until then, our first studio date is coming quick.  We think we’re ready.

June 15th, 2016

Band meeting!  Band meeting!  Two thirds of Team Low met to discuss promotion, recording, and how we might navigate the Portland Music Scene once we have Waverley in our hands.  A video or two?  A live recording?  As Chad makes plans to begin his UK/Ireland promotion in July, some new collaborations have been added to the itinerary:  A Builder, A Pig, A Festival Gig.  Like bugs flying into the zapper of an almost-summer night, it was tempting to net the ideas buzzing around outside the rehearsal space, but old stories about Chris’ near electrocution in our old space were a distraction.  Most of them got away.

June 8th, 2016

Taking time off to focus on songwriting and recording has been quite rewarding.  We hit Halo Studio on July 21st to begin recording Waverley, and getting reacquainted with songwriters and musicians over the past few months has helped us to lay a strong foundation for what we’re sure will be satisfying third act.  Tina, Sam, and Mac speak to each other in their own arrangement language and it’s fun to hear them tease out seventh chord melodies.  But this round in the studio is all about the logic side of the brain.  Mike, Chad, and Chris are laying bass, drums, and rhythm guitar to four songs and if they leave happy about what they’ve accomplished, then this session will inform how we will approach the other sessions.  Fingers crossed.  Jazz Held the Traffic Back, The World Hears Gold, Centipede, and Spirits in the Dwelling are on deck.  We’re ready.  Is Wyman ready for us?

June 1st, 2016

As we iron out the vocals and dust off the rhythm section to Jazz Held the Traffic Back and The World Hears Gold, we learned that they share a timeless sweep. The rehearsal space is divided: While Tina, Sam, and Mac arrange and test vocal dynamics on the left side of the room (creativity), Mike, Chris, and Chad steady the foundation on the right (logic). The right hemisphere is scheduled to hit Halo with Jon Wyman on July 21st. Spirits in the Dwelling sounded haunting and primitive during our first run-through as a band, and that’s a good thing- uncharted and challenging approaches will help give Waverley a distinct sound in the trilogy.

May 18th, 2016

This week’s rehearsal found Sam, Chris, Mac, and Chad messing around with another song, Spirits in the Dwelling. With Chris on lead vocals, there will be room for Tina, Sam, and Mac to play with harmonies and wash them over the song’s simple three chord structure.  Chad debuted an “in progress” song called Iodine and it seemed to go over well….  but that only adds another song to an ever-growing list of songs.  Which will make the cut?  Team Low will have to decide soon; their first studio date is right around the corner!

May 4th, 2016

The eve of Cinco de Mayo found us Chris-less again, and we couldn’t be happier. A big congrats to Chris and Jennifer Mayo on the birth of their second child, Finnegan!  Tonight should have found us short-sleeved and shining, but this May has been old and dismal so far, a good time to roll up our sleeves and tear into a new one. The World Hears Gold has a new “Sam-shot” melody in the second and third verses, giving it a much needed lift while Chad and Mike leveled out its rhythm section.  We’re off next week, though there has been word of a uke session somewhere in Old Orchard Beach.

April 27th, 2016

With Chris and Sam unable to make rehearsal this week, the remaining players on Team Low worked on The World Hears Gold at Tina’s piano.  We had fun over tea discussing the possibility of adding a horn section to this one and how that might affect the way we approach our instruments.  This led to a discussion about what Waverley could sound like if we head in that direction…. but that’s damn expensive.  Looking forward to banging out My European Flat next week!

April 20th, 2016

Jazz Held the Traffic Back and Centipede are now officially part of the live set. We had the opportunity to debut them at a Record Store Day show at The Thirsty Pig last Saturday and they worked seamlessly in the set.  Jazz added a bit of psychedelic experimentation while Centipede matched the grit of Magellan with a Timetable.  The World Hears Gold is also starting to take shape as Mac, Tina, and Sam play with harmonies and Chad, Chris, and Mike construct a stripped-down rhythm section to anticipate horns.  We have almost a month off while Chris expects his second child, so Tonight She Sings for You and My European Flat are on deck.  Back to the drawing board!

March 30th, 2016

We had the chance to test out The World Hears Gold tonight and we’re quite hopeful about this one.  Mac is currently singing lead while Tina and Sam are testing melodies.  Centipede has gone through several rhythm section metamorphoses and tonight Chad and Mike found a groove that seems to work well.  During the next few weeks the focus will be on shows and solidifying a better set that will include songs from all three records.  My European Flat and Tonight She Sings for You are on deck for late April.

March 23rd, 2016

This week’s rehearsal marks the first time vocals have come together before anything else.  Tina, Mac and Sam cobbled together a solid arrangement for Centipede while the other half of Team Low experimented with various approaches:  The Police, The Clash, The Smiths, etc.  We’re not sure where this one is heading.  Chad plans to bring in a new song called The World Hears Gold (formally called Fringe) next week and he claims it’s a sister song to Jazz Held the Traffic Back…. We shall see.  We also are curious to see where Chad’s synesthesia will drive the color schemes for Waverley.

March 16th, 2016

Tonight’s rehearsal focused on Jazz Held the Traffic Back and Centipede.  The former seems to be the one we’re all excited about while the latter is going through an identity crisis.  Jazz Held the Traffic Back, according to Tina, sounds like a cross between Across the Universe and Hey Joe, while Centipede sounds like a traffic jam.  However, by the end of the night, we could see in the distance the waving arms of the song police aiming us in the right direction.

March 9th, 2016

After a cursory debut of the first batch of songs, Jazz Held the Traffic Back, Centipede, and My European Flat passed the audition.  In its primitive stage, Jazz sounds like a discarded song from Ram-era McCartney and I think we’re all excited about this one.  However, when Chad suggested that the rhythm section to Centipede should ape  Whip It by Devo, Mike suggested that it’s perhaps Chad who should be whipped. Mac broke out his expensive rice-based green tea, poured us all a cup, and smiled quietly to himself.

March 2nd, 2016

Chad here.  A busy week.  The lyrics to Jazz Held the Traffic Back and Fringe had another round of editing and I’m quite excited to debut them for the band next week after the Piccadilly CD Release on Saturday.  Though I have been flooded with various approaches lately, I’m pleased with this album’s arc.  Now that I’m more familiar with the voices in the band, there are lead spots (with harmonies, of course) designed to fit the characters who are currently milling about in the lyrics and occasionally bullying the narrative.  Next Wednesday will be uke/acoustic and shakers.  Chris is out of town on a conference.