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1.  Archaeology

2.  The Exorcist

3.  Holyhead

4.   Tilt One to Your Teeth

5.   Chemistry

6.   A Hundred Sundays

7.   Millionaires

8.   The Heretic

9.   Christ, Jehovah, Pan, Aphrodite

10.  Step Into the Light


An Overnight Low released the first single from Holyhead, “Chemistry”, and local radio consistently included it on their playlists through the summer of 2023.  It also received national acclaim.  Glasse Factory mentioned that, “An Overnight Low might be teaching us a lesson here with ‘Chemistry’. That in order to be truly happy, we must learn how to exist outside the box. Break the boundaries set by society and reach out for the things that make us happy” and Roadie Music said that, “The colors of dreams and desires show the ocean of possibilities that only this work managed to bring together in a clear and engaging way”.  The second single from Holyhead, “Step Into the Light” also found favorable national reviews from Austin Town Hall: “Heavy riffs ring melodically, matched by vocal harmonizing, feeling like an added instrument in its own right. Honestly, this track wouldn’t be out of place on a Teenage Fanclub LP, as its got just enough stomp to keep rock fans, though definitely leaning into the group’s pop inclinations”. Our pal at mp3hugger found it “funny how it all reminded me of Low but with the brakes off and them going for it full throttle”, while Last Day Deaf said that, “Step Into the Light’ shines as a beacon of indie optimism, an essential addition for aficionados of the genre”.