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1.    Magellan With a Timetable (Live @ PHOME)

2.    The Artist in the Wrong World (Live @ Bayside Bowl)

3.    Dragonfly (Live @ Elements)

4.    Jazz Held the Traffic Back (Live @ Empire)

5.    Tonight She Sings for You (Live @ WMPG)

6.    Sleeper (Live @ WMPG)


The band has been practicing diligently as we prepare for our return to live performances. Our live set will include tracks from our latest album, Connolly Part Two, as well as some brand-new, unreleased songs. To celebrate our imminent return to the stage, our Bandcamp page will now be rebranded as our official “An Overnight Low: Portland” LIVE PAGE. Each week between now and Thanksgiving, we will post a fresh, downloadable live track from our archives, each one recorded at a local venue either on or off The Peninsula. Looking even further ahead, we have high hopes that an actual album of new material will be ready for release just in time for Christmas. We’ll keep you posted!
released August 4, 2021

Musicians: Sam Anderson, Chad Walls, Mac Coldwell, Chris Mayo, Tina Murphy, Mike Murphy, Paul Gauer, Chris Plumstead

Mixers: Ted Warner, Jonathan Wyman, Kevin Billingslea, Rowan Bishop, Chad Walls

Mastered by Toby Mountain @Northeastern Digital

Album Design: Rowan Bishop @Bridge Street Design