Magellan with a Timetable

Magellan Cropped

Finally I’m a Postcard and Magellan with a Timetable provide the traveler’s contextual tools and we are reminded of scheduled tours for seeing the world. At last That Light’s Gone Out provides the anthem for a step into perhaps more spiritual adventure, risk taking and “goodbye to safer routes” until we venture out on open water with Strange and Singular, an almost baptismal rocking on the water and surrender to the infinity of oceans.  Euston with its quaint neighborhoods and pubs has given way to the Piccadilly insecurity and otherness of the wide ranging traveler.  Now we anticipate the distance to Waverley, but have little hope for ETA for the constant traveler, the outsider who knows he must stay on the road.

Listen to Magellan with a Timetable here.

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