Smile/Transpennine Express

SmileSide A:  Smile

At the end of my journey and searching through my photos for inspiration for a last song, I found some photos in the middle of the stack from Scotland.  My chum Alan had taken me to Teuchter’s in Leith and the sunshine and pints of ale conspired to convince us that a higher power desired that we drink and we would be fools to disobey.  I took a raft of photos of sunlight beaming through the pints of ale.  One posed to look like beams emitting from my eyes didn’t really work, but the message seemed clear: If art is what you need, it is probably right in front of you, if it makes you happy.  Listen here.

The TransPennine Express

Side B: The TransPennine Express

Sometimes traveling I would get so lonely, I would ask directions just to hear another voice.  This works best when you’re stopped at a train terminal.  Sometimes porters are reluctant because they really don’t know the ins and outs of particular terminals. But “How should one handle Waverley Station?” seems an easy opener.

One late night on a near empty train with only an Edinburgh family probably returning from Paris with their Disney loot and sleepy kids, I found the porters huddled in first class talking about holiday shifts and low wages.  One older porter immediately picked up on my loneliness.  This song is written for him.

Illustrations by Ryan Eyestone.

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